Senior Private Debt Fund

Sound Senior Private Debt Fund 1 is a private debt fund in the Baltic States with a target size of EUR 80m, backed by institutional investors. The funding will be provided to SME and Mid-Cap companies that operate in Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia.

The fund can offer various financing solutions that best suit the company’s financing needs:

  • loans for working capital, investments (including acquisitions), as well as bridge financing loans
  • a fixed and variable interest option is available, as well as interest capitalization
  • flexible loan amortization schedules, including bullet repayment
  • maximum loan term up to 5 years.
  • funding amount from EUR 0.3m to EUR 7.0m.


Our experienced fund managers will assess your company’s financing needs and offer the most suitable solution.

Working capital loans to support growth and finance company’s ongoing operational needs.

Investment loans to finance fixed assets, aimed at expanding or upgrading operational facilities, launching new products or entering new markets

Acquisition financing loans to finance acquisition of - or merger with- other business

Refinancing loans to alleviate company’s imminent financing needs or geared towards improving its debt structure

Bridge loans – a short-term financing solution aimed at bridging company’s temporary funding gap